A call for Sponsorship: Help Virtual Doctors to Help Others with Free Healthcare

A call for Sponsorship: Help Virtual Doctors to Help Others with Free Healthcare

We are soliciting for financial support for patients who can’t afford healthcare bills on Virtual Doctors.

Things are hard for some people now. Recently, we have gotten so many people who are sick and contacted Virtual Doctors for treatment, but many of them don’t have money.

Normally, we do free consultation promo from time to time but we’re not doing any now. But I’m not happy because even when we reduce consultation fee of N4,000 to as low as N1,500, many of them are not still able to pay.

We do free advice for those we could, doctors spend their time, expertise and use their data to do free consultations for patients, which is obtainable here at Virtual Doctors just because they believe in Virtual Doctors’ mission to help people with affordable healthcare.

But we can’t do it for all of them alone.As the CEO, I have personally paid for so many patients from my pocket. We need support too to remain motivated and in business to keep helping. I’m not happy when people are helpless because of money, especially when they are sick.

We are calling on individuals, organisations and other general public to sponsor healthcare for patients online.

We will also contribute our own quota by slashing consultation fee by 50%, that is from N4,000 per consultation to N2,000 for other persons and to N1,500 for students and Corps members.

Donations shall be used for consultations and also to pay for medications especially for patients that can’t afford to buy prescribed medications.

If you are interested in helping these individuals, please, feel free to contact us via https://www.virtualdoctors.ng. Email: [email protected].
Call or Send a WhatsApp message to +2347014343485 or +2349071764818.

Gabriel Olatuja,