We are Hiring: Homecare Marketers

Homecare marketers

Position: Telemedicine and Homecare Marketer.

Type: Part-time, Remote, freelance.

Location: Nation-wide.

Remuneration: Commission Based. 10% of the first consultation fee paid by the patient you refer and an additional 5% of every other consultation fee paid by the patient for a period of 6 months from patient’s activation date.


Register here if you are interested. Click on “My Wallet after registration, you will see your referral link with which you can refer patients and keep track of them. You will also see your earnings there from time to time. Note that there should not be “space” in your username. Username should be a single word.


The job description of homecare marketers includes the following responsibilities:

The homecare marketer should develop and implement comprehensive marketing plans that target patients and increase awareness of our homecare services. Marketer should have experience in digital marketing and be comfortable using various online marketing channels, such as email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing as well as field marketing.

The job of marketer is to educate patients about the benefits of Virtual Doctors telemedicine and encourage them to try it out as a convenient and accessible alternative to traditional in-person healthcare.

The homecare marketer should identify target audiences and create messaging that resonates with patients and motivates them to use telemedicine services. They should be able to conduct market research and use data to inform their marketing strategies.

Create marketing materials: We will produce promotional materials like graphics designs from time to time that marketer can use.

Marketers are expected to register and activate patients and help them to initiate consultation payment on Virtual Doctors platform.

Marketers should meet and or exceed the expected number of patients’ activation to be able to earn a good payment in a weekly basis.

Other responsibilities and details shall be communicated during onboarding.


Applicants should contact us on whatsapp at +2348111055633, +2347014343485 or email [email protected].



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