How Virtual Doctors Saved my life – Tolani


Story yTolani How Virtual Doctors Saved my life when my hospital Couldn’t help!


My name is Tolani from Lagos. I want to tell you a story of how Virtual Doctors saved my life when my hospital couldn’t help. Health is one thing that everyone desires. This desire wasn’t exactly accomplished in 2022 when I had a strange symptom in my body. The sickness affected my physically and psychologically. Although I was treating myself in a General hospital in my axis, the symptoms was coming and going. To cut the long story short. On Friday evtening the 30th December 2022, the symptoms came again and this time, it was life threatening, I was feeling excruciating pain all over my body.


I was rushed to the hospital by my neighbours. On getting to the hospital, we were told there was no doctor on ground to attend to me. One of the nurses told me to come back on Monday as doctors were already on break. Within me, I knew that if I wasn’t treated immediately, I might not make it till the Monday when doctors would be on ground. My neighbour suggested we go to a nearby private hospital. On getting there, the nurse that interfaced with us said we need to pay some money before anything. The problem again was that I didn’t have such money and I didn’t know how to raise it to pay for my Healthcare immediately.


My neighbour then suggested we search online maybe we would be able to book a consultation with a medical doctor on any of the telemedicine apps.

I agreed to give it a try. I went to Google and I saw a number of telehealth websites. I called about four of them, two of whom weren’t responsive. The other two said no doctor was available because it was already late at about 9pm.


I went to Google and opened another website I put a call through to the number on the website and an attendant picked it. I told him about my predicament and he said he would call me back in a minute. I paid N4,000 for consultation fee. When he called back, he said he already booked an appointment for me and a doctor was waiting to attend to me. I was amazed. I joined the meeting link and the doctor asked me some questions about my medical history and gave me a prescription. Of course, I couldn’t get the medications that night.


Very early in the morning on Saturday, my neighbor went to a pharmacy to buy the drugs prescribed by the doctor. I took the medication as prescribed and all the pain and weakness disappeared.


On Sunday, I didn’t go to church but I was able to cook jollof rice and chicken for the new year meal and eat. That was the first time I had eaten very well like that in the last two weeks.


Something that amazed me further about Virtual Doctors was that they kept following me up on WhatsApp to know the status of my Health, and reminded me when to take my medication. In short, they pampered me. This was something that I have never enjoyed in my hospital where Doctors hardly had enough time to attend to me because of the long queue of patients to be attended to.


Virtual Doctor didn’t keep me waiting. Also I got the service very cheap from my sitting room. Thanks to Virtual Doctors. I am happy to recommend them to everyone who needs easy access to quality and affordable health care.


Tolani Adsolu, Ojo Lagos.